Cupping & Percussion Therapy

What Is Cupping With RockPods?

Cupping is one of several therapeutic methods used to treat myofascial pain and mobility dysfunctions. At XCEL A.R.T, we are proud to exclusively offer RockPods for this type of therapy. RockPods are finely crafted medical-grade silicon cups that enable the practitioner to manipulate fascia anywhere on the body. The pods work by being pushed down onto the skin to create suction for decompressive therapy of the underlying tissue.

When suctioned onto dry skin, the pod remains firmly in place allowing the fascia underneath to be easily pushed or pulled. This “tissue tweaking” helps to release cutaneous nerves and nerve entrapments that get stuck in between the skin and the fascial layers. Alternatively, when RockPods are used with an emollient, the thick lip design allows for a fluid gliding motion resulting in a dynamic myofascial decompression. With either application, you can be sure that RockPods effectively target tissue with pinpoint accuracy.

What Is Percussion Therapy?

Percussion Therapy, also known as “deep muscle stimulation,” treats soreness and pain through the use of instruments that provide short, rapid pulses into the body’s soft tissues.

When the instrument is applied directly to the treatment area, a powerful vibration is released which then breaks down adhesions and/or internal scar tissues that have resulted after injuries or surgery.

Blood flow is then increased to the area, bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle, and resulting in accelerated growth and repair of tissues.  In turn, muscle tightness is quickly relieved as is the physical stress placed on bones and joints, leading to improved muscle tone and balance. Thus, percussion therapy is an extremely effective complement to deep tissue treatments.

Hyperice Percussion Devices

Studies have shown that percussion devices cause contractions that are up to 30 times more powerful than normal voluntary contractions.  With this level of benefit, enhanced muscle strength and improved muscle recovery are highly achievable – and highly recommended for those recovering from intense sports training. This is why XCEL A.R.T. offers percussion massage therapy using only the most state-of-the-art handheld percussion devices exclusively from the Hyperice line:

  • The Hyperice RAPTOR features six different speeds that go up to 3600 percussions per minute and four unique interchangeable applicators to target both large and small muscle groups.
  • The Hyperice HYPERVOLT features three-speed settings that go up to 3200 percussions per minute, four interchangeable head attachments, and a powerful high-torque motor featuring Quiet Glide™ technology.

With the specs and features of these devices, the practitioner is able to deliver a powerful customized massage treatment that precisely pinpoints specific areas, promotes circulation, activates muscles faster, eliminates lactic acid build-up, relieves soreness, improves range of motion, and ultimately returns you to feeling your best.